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Welcome to Metrotrends.org, a blog where major global themes such as social issues, especially in the metropolitan areas, are discussed. The readers who like contemporary subjects such as the impact of urbanization on human society, politics, media, education and more would feel at home here. The topics featured on this blog are of informative character, with engaging content that will help you understand some great societal challenges you might never know existed. 

Moreover, if you want to stay in the now and learn about various social concerns all the way from economics, human rights, or political governance, this is the perfect place for it. Also, the subjects available on this blog are not only of an informative character. In some of them, the readers will be able to find various solutions to the most important socio-economic issues, the improvement in education and creating more suitable urban environments. 

Finally, some of the texts available here tackle your part as a human in all of it, how can you as an individual make a change and the direct impact of these issues on an individual. Contribute to the planet you are living on by not staying ignorant of some of the most important world matters. Be well informed all the time with Metrotrends.org.