Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Super City

Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Super City

When the world evolves, it goes a certain direction. Most people like to think that we are also progressing, and not going backwards. What does that mean? Well, that we are doing everything right, from urbanizing the right way (which sadly, only a few countries and cities are doing correctly) to creating opportunities for work and life, in general. Portable technology has also come a long way – we can use our smartphones to go online and chat with friends or have fun gambling with the bonus code bet365 offers. Extreme urbanizing does happen in some areas of the world, especially richer ones in certain parts of the world. But people often look at a single city, and not a region.

In the Guangdong region in China, there are several cities which are slowly going to become so rich and populated, that most of the world’s largest companies are going to invest there and plenty of them already have. What can you expect from this mega city? Here is what to look forward to in the world’s most rapidly developing region.

11 Cities – Plenty of Everything

The Guangdong region is home to plenty of cities, but the following eleven are exceptional in almost every way. Zhaoqing, Dongguan, Huizhou, Zhongshan, Guangzhou, Zhuhai, Foshan, Jiangmen, Shenzhen, Macau and Hong Kong are the 11 cities to look out for. Together, they have a GDP of 4.6 trillion US dollars, or rather, it should reach that much by 2030. That would put this one tiny region at the top four GDPs in the world, right up there with Germany and even beating Japan. It has over 67 million people, combined, and with more coming, as well as more money, the region is looking like the next best destination for anybody looking for a successful career.

Economically Superior

The global mega city is just superior in many ways to other cities and even countries of the world. Why is that? Money. Money makes the world go round (actually, gravity does, but money does move a lot of things, including infrastructure and better healthcare), and in the case of the Guangdong region, over 300 companies from the Fortune Global 500 list have already invested into various projects in the region, 275 of them in Shenzhen and 280 in Guangzhou. At least 15 companies from that same list, Chinese ones, are headquartered in the region. 


The 11 cities are already close by and are easy to get to, but, there has been work on a high-speed train transport system, which should cut down travel time to mere hours, sometimes even an hour, between the cities. This will not only cut down on travel costs, but will also lower emissions. People traveling via train reduces emissions, because it is electric, and because more of them fit, meaning fewer cars on the roads. A high-speed rail is already in place between Guangzhou and Hong-Kong, linking multiple cities in between.

The Future of Many

These cities should continue to develop at a staggering pace, outrunning multiple other cities and countries of the world. With so many investors pouring their money in, the Guangdong region should turn out to be the next best place to move to. Even young people from all over the world are finding their new homes in the Guangdong region. Everything from public transport to business opportunities and healthcare is in place, just waiting for more people to come.

Once a region comes together, the possibilities become endless. If more regions looked up to Guangdong, the world would be a better place.