Is the World Really Heading Towards a VR Dystopia Like in Ready Player One

One thing can be said for sure – we love playing games! Whether it’s video games, casino games that come with many benefits including matchbook sign up offer, or VR games, everyone seems to be obsessed with games. The world in the movie Ready Player One gives us a bleak version of society, where apparently hardcore gamers and multi-corporations thrive. Well if you take into consideration how much YouTubers and streamers are earning these days, we can’t say it’s far off. However, VR is way more popular than it is today, and everyone spends time and resources in a virtual world called Oasis. 

So, it doesn’t matter who you are and where you live, as long as you are a big shot in the Oasis. It is apparently one of the ways to keep the struggling low-income class docile, which is why it seems too far-fetched we will end up there, considering the number of more convenient methods to achieve the same results. However, it still does not mean we won’t get there for different reasons. So, let’s see why such a concept is not actually a bad idea. 

Overcrowded Urban Areas 

Tourism and migration are making metropolitan cities overcrowded, which means life there is getting increasingly difficult. Without proper public transport and options where to funnel incoming residence, the cities will continue to suffer from these problems and everything will start to run behind schedule. Having a VR world or workspace where you can log in with your co-workers, have a meeting, present ideas, and go about your daily tasks, would solve a lot of these problems. Moreover, if you can use VR to try out new clothes, inspect houses or apartments, and simply talk to your friends like you are all there in person, it would also incentivize you do stay home. 

Sure walking, spending time in the sun and exercising is not something you can do in a virtual world. But even in Ready Player One, they used a treadmill in order to move and navigate within Oasis, so you would still get your daily dose activity for the day. All you would have to do is go shopping for groceries, spend some time in daylight, and eat. It’s not a way to live your life, but it would remove the strain from overcrowded streets.   

Reducing pollution 

If you can finish up most of your daily duties without living your house that means you won’t have to use your car or public transport. As cars are some of the main emitters of greenhouse gases, having a giant virtual reality world would definitely bring those numbers down significantly.  In fact, maybe those treadmills that are being used for moving can also be used to produce energy, which would reduce pollution even further. The towns or big city centers won’t have to power those giant billboard screens anymore, as advertising would also shift to the virtual environment.