Revolutionary Tech That Will Shape the Sports Venues of the Future

Revolutionary Tech That Will Shape the Sports Venues of the Future

Championships and big competitions are major sports events that draw people who use Paddy Power promo code 2020 from all over the world to one place. As a result, the hosting town needs to invest a lot of funds and efforts into security, transport, merchandise and food production, as well as other costly arrangements. The goal is to make sure everyone feels safe, welcome and has a good time so that future tournaments will draw even more visitors, which really helps the economy. 

Big events also come with their own drawbacks, and cities are aware of that. More people, who are overly enthusiastic about sports, are prone to commit acts of vandalism. Also, there is more garbage, waste, pollution, traffic jams, longer public transport queues, etc. In order to help locals deal with the stress of being a host, multiple tech solutions are implemented. 


Sports venues are a perfect opportunity for implementing driverless cars. This way the algorithm will calculate the best way for everyone to arrive at their destination, without causing unnecessary traffic clusters.

 Vivek Ranadivé, the owner of the Sacramento Kings, has invested in Autonomous Transportation Open Standards Laboratory. The goal is to develop all-electric driverless cars that can be used for more organized traffic. 

Another good solution is a zero-emissions underground public transport that runs on high speed. This solution is being developed by The Boring Company’s Dugout Loop, and their goal is to have fans of LA Dodgers.


As mentioned, one of the main concerns during big sports events is safety, so having better security measures is always welcome, so long as it does not interfere with a fan atmosphere of the game. One of the ways to do this might be through autonomous drones. Sparrow drones, developed by Percepto, can operate in various weather conditions and are used to survey and scan large sites.

Non-invasive security measures are also becoming more reliable. Blink Identity tech can identify people by scanning their facial biometrics, and it can do it as they walk near the sensors. The tech can be used as validation methods for payments, so all you need to do is show your face if you wish to buy food or drinks, which is kind of awesome and scary at the same time. 


Even now we have way more streamlined shopping experience than before. Thanks to various tokens, online currencies, and apps, you won’t have to wait for a vendor to come near your state, you can simply order everything via an app and it can be debited from your pre-deposited funds. The vendor can then find your seat and deliver your order, or who knows maybe drones will be used for these delivers, there are multiple possibilities. This will also make it easier for you to browse available merchandise. Another example was mentioned before, where all you need to do is show your face to the scanner in order to pay for products.